Tiny Treasures Learning Center -                            "Here We Grow"
                                        Media Center
Books, Book and more Books.
Tiny Treasures Learning Center has been very fortuanate.  Due to our out cry for books to create a Media Center we received so many books for the children enrolled here.  These books are very wonderful, there is a great variety of books for all age groups.  We are blessed to have a wonderful group of parents, teachers and friends to sponsor our Media Center.  Thank you for your support.  The center is open to our children all day.  They may check books out; however the parent will be respobnsible for making sure that their child returns the books.  Please make sure that you sign the book out properly.
Your child's techer will assist you with checking books out.  Please make use of the library, this will enhance your child's ability to read and comprehend.  The library is also open to the parents of our children.
We are enjoying our new Computer Lab that is up and running. 
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