Tiny Treasures Learning Center -                            "Here We Grow"
 Nutritional Information and Food Services:
Compliance with USDA Nutritional Guidelines. Meals and snacks with serving sizes dependent upon the age of the child meet nutritional guidelines as established by the United States Department of Agriculture Child Care Food Program. Meals and snacks are varied daily, and additional servings of nutritious food is offered to children over and above the required daily minimum, if not contraindicated by special diets.
Feeding of Children Under One (1) Year of Age. A signed written feeding plan for children under one (1) year of age is obtained from parents. Instructions from the parent shall be updated regularly as new foods are introduced to your child or other dietary changes are made. The feeding plan is located in the child's assigned room and includes the child's feeding schedule, the amount of formula to be given, instructions for the introduction of solid foods, the amount of food to be given and notation of any type(s) of commercially premixed formula which may not be used in an emergency because of food allergies.
Meal Service
Children are served all meals and snacks scheduled for the period during which they are present. There is a period of at least two (2) hours between each required meal or snack. Drinking water is offered at least once between meals and snacks to children of all ages. The following meals and snacks are scheduled and served by the center:
1. Breakfast or a morning snack;
2. Lunch;
3. An afternoon snack;
4. Evening Meal served between 5:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.
5. An evening snack prior to bedtime which is 8:30 P.M.
Food and beverages are served in individual plates or bowls and with individual cups and eating utensils.
Children are encouraged but not forced to eat.
Children are given necessary assistance in feeding and encouraged to develop good nutritional habits.
Hot food are not served at a temperature which would cause the children to burn their mouths upon consuming the food.
Drinking water is available to all children.
Peanuts, hot dogs, raw carrots, popcorn, fish with bones and grapes are not served to any children enrolled at Tiny Treasures Learning Center. Foods and drinks with little or no nutritional value, i.e., sweets, soft drinks, etc. are served only on special occasions and  in addition to the required nutritious meals and snacks. Powdered nonfat dry milk are not used. No food from outside is permitted unless there is a doctor's note stating that your child must have this particular food item.  If your child is allergic to any foods; please inform his/her teacher and the office.
Sample Menu
Breakfast: Turkey Sausage Links, Eggs, Wheat Bread, Diced Peaches, Milk
Lunch:  Sliced Beef with Gravy, Mixed Vegetables, Sliced Apples, Bread, Milk
Snack:  Pretzels, Apple Juice
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